Our amazing team

Our Team is making a powerful Operating system, Have a nice day!


BoneOS Co-Founder

Amanuel is the founder of BoneOS and he wrote the first line of BoneOS, when it was in pre-alpha stage. A 15 year old Programming Enthusiast. Loves to get busy with big projects like building Operating Systems, Game Engines, Programing Languages, Fourms, etc...

Ashish Ahuja

BoneOS Co-Founder

A programmer who is interested in low level languages.

Doug Gale

BoneOS Co-Founder

Doug Gale is a programmer since 1988. First machine had 5KB of memory and 1MHz 8-bit CPU. A crazy powerfull developer. Previously a highly respected Microsoft developer.


Web Designer

He is a web developer that loves help BoneOS with great stuffs. He made the website.